Neuropsychological Evaluation

Common Reasons to Request a Neuropsychological Evaluation:

Diagnostic Clarification
Quantification of Cognitive Impairment Due to Neurological or Psychiatric Disease
Determination of Disability
Determination of Fitness for Duty
Detection of Possible Malingering of a Neurologic or Behavioral Disorder
Injury-Related Litigation / Capacity and Placement Issues

Conditions that Affect Cognition Include:

Traumatic Brain Injury
Cerebrovascular Event
Multiple Sclerosis
Learning Disorders
Memory Disorders
Attention Deficit Disorder
Executive Deficits
Age-Related Memory Decline
Other Neurologic or Behavioral Condition

Age Ranges and Length of Testing:

Dr. Spica performs evaluations on individuals across the full life span, with emphasis on adolescents and adults.

Written Reports and Recommendations:

After an evaluation is completed, Dr. Spica will meet with the client (and often with family) to review the findings of the evaluation. During this session recommendations are made for treatment or other interventions, ranging from teaching clients how to best capitalize on the strengths evidenced in the evaluation, to referral to an appropriate professional in the client's community for continued treatment.

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To contact the office for an appointment, please call 865-531-9088.


Dr. Spica’s office is located in Building 1, Suite 107 of the Fort Sanders West Medical Complex in Knoxville. Click here for directions via Google map.