About Spica Psychology

Spica Psychology offers a variety of services, all relating to the neurological functioning of the brain. The brain's neurological health can affect a variety of functions over the course of the patient's life, from relative functionality in the learning environment, to the ability or inability to make sound decisions. Dr. Malcolm Spica offers neuropsychological evaluations as a diagnostic tool, in determining disability, in assessing cognitive impairment, and in cases of injury-related litigation. Dr. Spica also assesses patients for learning disorders. In addition to assisting in civil and criminal proceedings, he provides peer review services and performs independent examinations for third parties. Dr. Spica has given presentations and lectured on findings in his field to both students in higher education and to colleagues seeking information on neurological and cognitive issues.




To contact Dr. Spica at his office, please call 865-531-9088. Click here to find directions to Dr. Spica’s office and to view a typical appointment confirmation letter.